Choosing Professional Hearing Help

Why Choosing Professional Hearing Help is Vital to Your Health

It is critical to your overall health to seek out a hearing healthcare professional versus over-the-counter hearing aids. Every hearing loss is as unique as the individual. With different types of hearing loss and levels of complexity, the safest, most effective treatment is to seek the help of a licensed hearing aid professional.

Hearing aid professionals are trained to identify hearing loss conditions and provide customized treatment that addresses your specific hearing needs and lifestyle. Hearing aids, if needed, are FDA-regulated, properly fitted, and programmed by the professional. Follow-up sessions help ensure your hearing stays optimal and are often included in the cost of the hearing aids.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids are a “one-size-fits-all” treatment meant for mild-to-moderate hearing loss that do not address specific or complex hearing needs. With the absence of proper regulations for OTC hearing aids, many being sold are unregulated, low-quality amplification devices. Unfortunately, these can cause further hearing damage and pose health risks by delaying professional treatment.

The harmful effects of OTC hearing aids have not gone unnoticed. Today, attorney generals of more than 17 U.S. states have issued consumer warnings about these devices (see state map below to view warnings).

Health risks related to untreated hearing loss include declining emotional and overall health; impaired memory and learning difficulties; reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety; social withdrawal; anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue; and decreased job performance.

Healthy hearing is vital to your overall health, emotional well-being, and quality of life. Get the individual treatment you need – book an appointment with one of our hearing aid professionals today.

Starkey Advocates for OTC Regulations and Hearing Health

Watch Starkey leadership explain the global hearing technology company’s Listen Carefully initiative.

States Speaking Out Against Improper OTC Marketing and Sales

Click a dark gray state to read their attorney general’s consumer warning on OTC hearing aids.


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First time ever getting my hearing examined. Ben put me completely at ease. He explained what he was doing and how it measured my hearing. I always feel better when i understand the process. He was great. Ms. Gwen was great at the front too. Very nice. Top notch operation.

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Paul Rentz, on Google

Ben was amazing!! He took his time to explain how everything worked and demonstrated the functions so that we understood. He even gave us time to explore and experiment with the new hearing aid ourselves. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable. Overall and most importantly he treated us with respect,...

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Britt Williams, on Google

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Ben Collins at Audibel Hearing Aid Center. He has guided me throughout my journey of wearing hearing aids. The entire staff is very professional and caring.

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Donna Brooks, on Google

Ben Collins is the kind of person I like to work with. He answers al questions and shows you how to do it yourself.

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Bill Jordan, on Google

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Susan Spivey, on Google

The specialist (Mr. Collins) and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Takes the time needed to ensure you know everything you can about their hearing aid products. Has many options. He made removal and personal installing easy to understand. This office was so pleasant and accommodating we can't wait for the...

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Patricia Williams, on Google

I have been coming to Audible Hearing Aid Center for a year now. The staff is always friendly and helpful getting me through my experience with my hearing loss. My hearing aids are cleaned regularly and adjusted to what level my hearing loss is at the time. I recommend getting...

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Lynn Davis, on Google

Love, love, love Audibel in Douglas, GA. They have a great team of people who will spend as much time as you need and treat you like family! As for their products, I just got my second pair of hearing aids and the quality is amazing. I actually keep forgetting...

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Tammy Harper, on Google

The staff at Audibel was amazing. I had put off going to get my hearing checked for a long time. I have been able to hear so much better. They took their time and explained everything. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Jeff Yarberry, on Google

The most respectful outgoing people in Douglas

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Steve Johnson, on Google

They treat u like family 👪

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Shane Hamilton, on Google

Had a great experience with Wayne at Audibel. He described my hearing loss to me which made it easy to understand. Definitely recommend Audibel to anyone with concerns about their hearing.Truly made a difference in my life.

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Ben Collins, on Google

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Wesley Hardee, on Google

Good service, very nice, high dollar hearing aids, but worth it. The Dr explained all very well, very impressed..👍

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Toni Grace, on Google

Great staff, very understanding and patient.

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Michael Book, on Google

Excellent customer service. Follow up visits have all been great… I absolutely recommend Audibel to anyone with a hearing problem.

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Elaine Mcloon, on Google

Very nice and helpful

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Samantha Sheffield (SISSY), on Google

Awesome service, great people.

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Nora Davis, on Google

Very informative and personal service.

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Edward Coleman, on Google

These wonderful folks help God perform his miracles through technology.

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Roy Farmer, on Google

So friendly and thorough

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Ray Charles Denning, on Google

shout out to David, I can hear again!!

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jefftinagibbs, on Google

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James Faunce Sr., on Google

They were really nice and treated everyone really good

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Margie Shelton, on Google

Very polite. Very helpful to get help for you if they can't assist you.

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Caroletha Simpson, on Google