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First time ever getting my hearing examined. Ben put me completely at ease. He explained what he was doing and how it measured my hearing. I always feel better when i understand the process. He was great. Ms. Gwen was great at the front too. Very nice. Top notch operation.

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Paul Rentz, on Google

Ben was amazing!! He took his time to explain how everything worked and demonstrated the functions so that we understood. He even gave us time to explore and experiment with the new hearing aid ourselves. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable. Overall and most importantly he treated us with respect, care and compassion. I would definitely recommend!!!

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Britt Williams, on Google

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Ben Collins at Audibel Hearing Aid Center. He has guided me throughout my journey of wearing hearing aids. The entire staff is very professional and caring.

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Donna Brooks, on Google

Ben Collins is the kind of person I like to work with. He answers al questions and shows you how to do it yourself.

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Bill Jordan, on Google

The specialist (Mr. Collins) and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Takes the time needed to ensure you know everything you can about their hearing aid products. Has many options. He made removal and personal installing easy to understand. This office was so pleasant and accommodating we can't wait for the follow up! Thank you Audibel for the most amazing medical experience we have ever had! Stellar service!

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Patricia Williams, on Google

I have been coming to Audible Hearing Aid Center for a year now. The staff is always friendly and helpful getting me through my experience with my hearing loss. My hearing aids are cleaned regularly and adjusted to what level my hearing loss is at the time. I recommend getting the care you need for hearing loss by a professional and friendly staff at Audible Hearing Aid Center in Douglas Georgia.

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Lynn Davis, on Google

Love, love, love Audibel in Douglas, GA. They have a great team of people who will spend as much time as you need and treat you like family! As for their products, I just got my second pair of hearing aids and the quality is amazing. I actually keep forgetting I have them on they're so comfortable and the sound quality is so great and smooth. Being rechargeable and able to connect them to my phone is a fantastic bonus. I can't say enough good things about this place or their products.

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Tammy Harper, on Google

The staff at Audibel was amazing. I had put off going to get my hearing checked for a long time. I have been able to hear so much better. They took their time and explained everything. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Jeff Yarberry, on Google

The most respectful outgoing people in Douglas

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Steve Johnson, on Google

They treat u like family đź‘Ş

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Shane Hamilton, on Google

Had a great experience with Wayne at Audibel. He described my hearing loss to me which made it easy to understand. Definitely recommend Audibel to anyone with concerns about their hearing.Truly made a difference in my life.

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Ben Collins, on Google

Awesome friendly service!

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Marsha Bradley, on Google

Jason is great! Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!

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lisa bartley, on Google

Everyone was very professional. The receptionist was friendly and helpful. Mr. Murphy explained the process for evaluating my mother's hearing in precise detail. He took time to make sure we understood how the ears work with the brain to process language. When my mother had a medical issue with her ears- he stopped, showed us what was going on, and helped us call to make an appointment with an ENT. We were very impressed with the service we received.

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Debbie Riveiro, on Google

We had a very informative experience and Dr.Murphy was beyond helpful! He was clear and made everything easy to understand. I highly recommend!

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Shirah Brown, on Google

Very nice and explains the subject really well

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Halleigh Deal, on Google

Jerry and Vicky treat you like family. The best part is the service after the sale. You will not get this level of service from other providers.

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Paul McGahee, on Google

Jason was very thorough when he tested my dad’s hearing. He was knowledgeable and patiently ensured we both understood where and what the impairment was. He explained best and worst case scenarios for what an aid device would accomplish. He was not pushy about trying to sell the top-of-the-line product. He was both personable and professional. My dad hasn’t received his hearing aids yet so I cannot rate the products, but I do highly recommend Jason if you need help understanding how and why your hearing is in decline and how an aid device or protection might benefit you.

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Tanya Cowgill, on Google

Awesome visit!

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Tammy Coppage, on Google

They always do their best and always here for me!

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Alice Warren, on Google

My husband had his hearing cked

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Betty Davila, on Google

Jason was wonderful to work with. I love the way I can hear now. Finally, I can understand what people say on Netflix movies. I am looking forward to hearing my granddaughter when she presents in church. Can you see it?

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Elizabeth Keith, on Google

Wonderful service! Stop by anytime!

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Benny Smith, on Google

Jerry and Kerry are so friendly and always helpful. Jerry has been taking care of my hearing loss and fitting me with the exact hearing aids that I need for many years now . I come in every few months for him to check them to be sure everything is working perfectly. You can’t get better service than this.

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Linda Nall, on Google

Best investment for your quality of life! Jerry and staff are amazing!

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Sue Harson, on Google

I highly recommend Audibel Hearing. Jerry Carver and Carrie are outstanding. Always ready to answer any questions.

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Patricia James, on Google

Jerry Carver is the best of the best, every one in office Treats you like family . Go see Mr Jerry you won't regret it. I love my hearing aids!!!

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Dena Roberson, on Google

Has a hearing test done. Jerry explained everything very well where you could understand what he was talking about. Highly recommend

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Chris Lane, on Google

Jerry and crew is point on in service would not consider going anywhere else top of the line for hearing aids.

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chuck woodard, on Google

Excellent service with very expert compassionate experience. Jerry Carver is wonderful as he takes appropriate time to explain things to you and speaks in a manner I clearly understand. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you for your dedicated service!

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Debi Jones, on Google

I had the good fortune to visit Audibel in Waycross. I had one hearing aid that wasn’t working right and one hearing aid that wasn’t working at all. Jerry diagnose the problem immediately. He not only fixed my hearing aids but he gave me the best explanation of my hearing loss and how the hearing aids operated.

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Jim Brown, on Google

Absolutely great service here! They take up time with you and provide ongoing service such as hearing aid maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis at no extra charge. I would highly recommend Jerry and his staff!!

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Angie Wilson, on Google

Employees helpful

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jerry nall, on Google

I can hear sounds I have not heard in years! Birds chirping, gurgling streams, wind blowing in the trees… I tell friends and family all the time about my new hearing aids and where to go. The kindness, transparency and understanding shown is totally professional.

Debbie Altobello, Valdosta

I have been unable to hear since I was 6 years old. I wasn’t completely deaf everything was a mumble. I watched peoples’ expressions to know whether to smile or be sad. The past 14 years have made a big difference. It was wonderful to hear my great grandchildren talk to me. The best was to hear my husband say “I love you, Mouse!” I can hear so well with my new hearing aids on the phone. Thank you, Chris!

Constance Kelly, Valdosta

I have worn hearing aids for years and the technology advancements have improved my quality of life more and more. The fact that Chris is always looking for ways to improve my hearing and understanding is so important. I trust them to make sure that happens. I am hearing the best I have in years with the latest advancements in technology. I love the Blue Tooth features to my cell phone and the TV streamer is great!

Ellis Black, Valdosta

After about twenty years, I am now using my third pair of hearing aids. Over all my experience with the first two pair was disappointing. Working closely and agreeing with Chris at Audibel, I am now using Audibel hearing aids. My hearing is much better in both family and social gatherings. It has been and continues to be a great experience visiting Audibel Hearing Aid Centers. Follow up service is the best. Chris and Lona are easy to talk with and want to help in any way. The office is always neat, clean and comfortable. I have no problem recommending Audibel to family or friends.

Ron Dixon, Valdosta

If you need hearing aids, it is not as simple as buying them and placing them in your ears. You need somebody like Chris that is experienced and patient to help you. I have had my hearing aids for three year and am so pleased. It opened up a totally new world for me! My family thanks me for this purchase and I thank Chris at Audibel.

Gerald Weeks, Valdosta

Being able to hear what is being said has made my life better. I can hear people on my phone now and even in loud places. Hearing in a restaurant is amazing! Hearing aids have turned my life around. Please get your hearing checked at Audibel with Chris. It makes all the difference in the world.

Andra Davis, Valdosta

It was difficult to accept that I had a hearing problem. After three testing sources confirmed that I needed hearing aids and after much pleading from my family, I reluctantly admitted that I needed them. I have been extremely pleased with my choice of Audibel. The entire process including financing, training, and kind, caring customer service has assured me that I made the best choice in hearing aids. Chris has removed any apprehensions I had regarding my purchase. Audibel provides the ultimate in customer service and a quality product.

Dianna Jane Robertson, Valdosta

Hearing aids have made my life so much better. I can interact with people with confidence. No more embarrassment by answering questions wrong or just smiling. My family doesn’t have to repeat what they say to me. I can talk on the phone and watch television on normal volume. I love having my cellphone connected to my hearing aids. That is the most wonderful thing. Chris always makes me feel at home. She greets me by name and with a smile. Chris is willing to take care of my hearing aid needs. She treats her clients with great respect no matter what the problem and how often they come in. I have been a satisfied customer for years. Thank you, Chris, for taking such good care of me.

Sheila Darsey, Valdosta

The primary benefit hearing aids have on my life is hearing so many things I didn’t realize I was missing like the sound of my car signal, water running, and so many others. It has been great having noises reduced in crowded environments like restaurants. Hearing in business meetings and conferences has been outstanding. Chris and her staff have always been pleasant and really accommodating.

R. Wayne Bell, Valdosta

“Thanks to Audibel for a great job fitting my new hearing aids. I call them the Cadillac of hearing aids. It not only has all the bells and whistles, but they work in all situations. I think every one with a hearing loss should come and let these folks check you out. Audibel has always made sure that everything was right and I certainly recommend them.”

Raymond Gabbard

“When purchasing hearing aids, price should not be the first consideration. The quality of the product and the people with whom you deal with, should be the primary considerations. I have been extremely pleased with my Audibel hearing aids and the people at the Audibel office. I whole heartily recommend that you should choose Audibel for your hearing needs.”

Michael Luke

“Audibel has been good to me! Being able to hear clearly wherever I go is so rewarding, and my hearing aids are very comfortable. They are so discreet that no one knows that I am even wearing them! The staff is so friendly and professional, I would recommend their service to anyone in need of better hearing.”

Margie Coleman

“Thank you Audibel and Chris Youngblood for working with me on my hearing aids. It is a blessing to be able to hear again and to understand what others are saying. I didn’t know how hard of hearing I was until I got these!”

Martha Griffin

“I am hearing my daughter now that makes her so happy. My hearing aid has created more happiness in my life. It is so easy to maintain and it creates so much enjoyment! The investment in the aid is worth the excitement of hearing again! The service I get at Audibel is second to none.”

Ricky Pounds

“The staff at Audibel are very patient and they insure the fit of my hearing aids were perfect. My hearing is the best it has ever been!.”

Brenda Thrasher

“I have had an Audibel hearing aid for about eight years. My hearing aids have enhanced my hearing and quality of life. Once I had a hearing aid my ability to interact with family and friends has really improved. Yes, hearing aids are an investment, but oh, they are worth it. Being able to hear better has made a world of difference in my life. It can make a difference in your’s too.”

David Tart

“You wear “cheaters” for your eyes, why wouldn’t you wear “cheaters” for your ears? Being able to hear every detail as a pharmacist is very important. It has enabled me to continue working in a profession that I love. Every waking second of your life you use your ears!”

Kay Hickman

“I am so grateful that I listened to my family who were constantly urging me to get my hearing checked. I thought I could hear….. but WOW! I didn’t realize what I was missing. What a difference it makes wearing hearing aids and hearing so much better! Thanks Audibel.”

Carol Rodgers

“Now I can hear 100% better! I would tell anyone to visit Audibel!”

Dale Redeker

“Audibel really cares about people. My communication abilities at home and work have improved tremendously! I see such a difference in my hearing quality while wearing my hearing aids that I sometimes forget to take them off. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing hearing difficulties to visit my friends at Audibel.”

Ed Perry

“Wow! I can hear what’s going on around me again. I feel younger with my hearing aids because I don’t have to struggle to keep up with conversations. Visit Audibel and their warm, friendly staff. Don’t let life pass without being able to hear clearly.”

Rosemarie Kuter

“The staff at Audibel has made me feel comfortable and welcome since my first visit. If you aren’t sure if you are hearing correctly, have your hearing checked! You may not be aware of the sounds you are missing. Don’t delay!”

Jerry White

“Working with Audibel and their caring staff is a pleasure. I would say, if you have a problem hearing, get it checked! It can make a world of difference in your life! Now I can hear in groups again.”

George Snow

“With Audibel’s help I am able to understand what is going on around me once again. For years in groups I could only hear what the person near me was saying but now I can understand voices in the group! I enjoy how the staff at Audibel treats me with respect, courtesy and dignity at each visit. They are wonderful and I always feel welcome!”

Jeanette Coody

“It is amazing to be able to hear things clearly that I haven’t heard in a long time. I am so glad that I can hear everything so much better! Thanks so much Audibel.”

Elisabeth Williams

“The clarity I am hearing with is amazing. I went from having muffled hearing to crystal clear hearing! I am so glad I chose Audibel for my hearing needs. Thanks Audibel for providing me with excellent care and professional attention.”

Kathryn Moseley

“If you have any questions about your hearing… have your ears tested. After receiving my Audibel hearing aids, I discovered how much I had been missing! Don’t hesitate to try hearing aids if you need them, it is easy and you can hear that life sounds real again!”

Barbara Johns