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Audibel Hearing Aid Centers

401 West Ward St, Douglas, GA 31533
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About Us

Hearing solutions that are customized to each patient’s individual needs.

Our Practice

Our practice prides itself on taking care of each patient as if they were our own family members to receive the best possible hearing outcome. We focus on continually serving the hearing needs of Douglas, Tifton, Waycross, GA, and the surrounding communities with dedicated hearing aid care. In this process, our practice demonstrates disciplines and values to ensure fair and personalized hearing aid care for each patient.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to patient care was built around the mutual agreement of honor, integrity, and trust with each patient. As a part of the nationwide Audibel network, we aim to provide the greatest hearing experience possible by abiding by the following standards that define American hearing excellence:

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation
    We evaluate your hearing, communication needs, and goals for your life.
  2. Recommend Only What Needs Recommending
    Because we evaluate all your hearing and communication needs, we will recommend a treatment plan that is unique to you and designed to meet your needs.
  3. Clear Understanding of the Hearing Journey and Results
    We make sure that you understand what steps will be taken on your journey to better hearing and what the realistic outcomes are for those steps.
  4. Seeing and Hearing the Benefit
    We will verify that the hearing instruments and accessories that go with them are working and provide the benefit that you need. This verification may be done through several clinically adopted tools such as Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping, or Sound Field Verification.
  5. Treatment is More Than Just an Office Visit
    We work with you to create a long-term treatment plan, define follow-up appointments, perform regular ongoing evaluations, and any additional care that you may need to make sure you stay satisfied with your hearing in the years to come.
  6. Warranty for One, Warranty for All
    When you work with Audibel, you are working not only with your local hearing instrument specialists but also with the national network that will honor the warranty and support and service guarantees on all Audibel products.
  7. Commitment for a Lifetime
    All Audibel products receive cleanings and testing for their lifetime.

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Meet the Staff

Wayne Murphy

NBC-HIS, A.C.A. Audioprosthologist, Owner

Wayne Murphy is a Nationally Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist and an Audioprosthologist credentialed by the American Conference of Audioprosthology.  Growing up in the 1950’s in his hometown, Hazlehurst, Georgia, Wayne learned the importance of working hard along with his two brothers, Edward and Ronnie.  As a boy, Wayne worked mowing lawns and harvesting tobacco during the summer.  Wayne graduated from Jeff Davis High School in 1971 and began employment at a local textile factory.  In 1975, Wayne enlisted into the United States Air Force serving as an Ammunition Specialist Inspector for four years.  During his service, Wayne was stationed in Bitburg, Germany, and Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  After honorable discharge in 1979, Wayne began a position painting and stenciling locomotives and box cars with CSX Railroad in Waycross, Georgia, until his introduction into the hearing industry.

While visiting his parents’ house in March 1983, a Hearing Aid dispenser came by to service his dad’s hearing aids creating Wayne’s curiosity about hearing.  Wayne witnessed the positive impact hearing aids had on his dad and especially his mom’s quality of life.  This experience led him to pursue a career in helping others receive the gift of better hearing, much like his parents received.  Wayne’s humble beginning as a hearing instrument specialist knocking on doors has flourished into purchasing a hearing aid business along with his wife, Shelia, in June 1997. 

In 1999, a group of 24 hearing aid dispensers gathered in Atlanta to discuss a partnership with an American Owned Manufacturer, Audibel.  Wayne and Shelia decided to join along with 19 other dealers, becoming known as the Audibel Atlanta Club and founding members of Audibel.  This unique opportunity has helped their practice grow larger over several years.  Audibel Hearing Aid Centers now has offices located in Douglas, Tifton, Valdosta, and Waycross.  In 2009, Wayne and Shelia were inducted into the Audibel Hall of Fame, an honor they cherish.  

Wayne’s motivation is watching the reaction after someone receives hearing aids; the pleasant surprise and joy expressed in their eyes once they hear comfortably and understand conversation once again.  He educates the hearing aid user and their family members on how hearing aids improve the brain’s ability to understand therefore helping them maintain better communication for years to come.  Wayne continues to ensure his patients’ hearing aids are performing their best throughout the hearing journey.

Wayne loves his family.   In 1977, he married his wife, Shelia, and they have a son, Jason.  Jason resides in Valdosta with his wife, Heather, and their fur baby, Cotton.  Wayne is happy Jason followed in his footsteps in the hearing aid profession.  Along with his wife, Shelia, Wayne enjoys traveling to the mountains and Destin beach.  When not spending time with family, Wayne enjoys restoring his 1972 Oldsmobile 442, riding motorcycles, tending his fruit trees, bowling, and improving his golf game. 

Shelia Murphy

Owner, Patient Care Coordinator

Shelia Murphy is an Owner of Audibel Hearing Aid Centers.  Shelia was raised on a farm in Hazlehurst, Georgia, with her two sisters, Becky and Vernice.  They spent many summers working in the tobacco fields with their daddy.  Shelia graduated from Jeff Davis High School, Class of 1977.  After graduation, Shelia married Wayne, while he was serving in the military.  They moved to Fort Walton Beach, where their only son, Jason, was born.  Shelia’s priorities were as a housewife and stay-at-home mom.  Upon returning home to Hazlehurst, Shelia began learning how to upholstery furniture with her grandmother.  After her grandmother’s retirement, Shelia started helping her father with his five chicken houses, gathering eggs twice a day.  Surprisingly one day in 1983, Wayne’s excitement and curiosity surrounding the hearing aid industry drew Shelia’s interest in supporting her husband’s passion, soon to become her own.

 In 1984, Shelia was hired as the Secretary in a Waycross hearing aid practice three days a week.  After her son started school, she began working more frequently until purchasing their own hearing aid practice, which became a full-time job with administrative and financial responsibilities.  In 2000, Wayne and Shelia decided to partner their company with Audibel.  Over several years of hard work, Audibel Hearing Aid Centers has expanded to 4 locations in Douglas, Tifton, Valdosta, and Waycross.   Shelia says the hearing aid industry is a fun, loving, and caring business that she is proud to be a part of.  She enjoys seeing the difference hearing aids make in someone’s life.  Mostly, Shelia loves interacting with patients and developing lasting friendships.  

Outside of work, Shelia enjoys weekly lunches with her sisters reminiscing and catching up on local news.  Shelia also looks forward to a manicure and pedicure at her favorite nail salon.  She loves spending quality time with her family and friends.  She thoroughly enjoys vacationing at the beach and mountains with her husband.

Ben Collins

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Ben Collins is a Georgia licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist.  Ben is originally from Newnan, Georgia.  While growing up, Ben moved multiple times, but finally, in 2012, he settled back in his home state in Douglas.  Ben graduated from Independence High School in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1988. Ben credits his parents for his strong work ethic and desire to help people leading to his decision to join the US Army following graduation. 

Ben began his law enforcement career as a Military Policeman.  During his four years of service, he spent time stationed in Germany. In 1992, Ben briefly worked with Douglas County Georgia Sheriff’s Office until joining the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in 1993.  He worked as a GBI Special Agent in both the Perry and Douglas Regional Offices for 25 years. During this time, Ben proudly served in the Georgia National Guard and did a combat tour in Iraq from 2005-2006 with the 48th Infantry Brigade.  In addition, Ben eagerly served on the GBI Bomb Squad for eight years.  In 2018, Ben transferred from the GBI to the Georgia Department of Corrections Southeast Region, where he worked as a Special Agent until retirement in June 2022. Ben always prided himself on being the voice for victims in violent crimes and being able to help people in their time of need.

Shortly after retirement, Ben crossed paths with Wayne Murphy at Audibel Hearing Aid Centers in Douglas, Georgia that prompted a job opportunity.  Ben’s personal experience with hearing loss combined with his deep-rooted desire to continue helping people inspired Ben to join the Audibel team.  As a hearing aid wearer himself, Ben knew he could make a difference in people’s lives with hearing loss.  Ben loves when people realize there is help, and they can resume enjoying life with better hearing. Ben strives to educate people about hearing loss and improve their quality of life in his everyday work with patients.

Outside of saving hearing lives, Ben loves military history and enjoying time with his wife, Michelle, stepson, BJ Fussell, son, Beau, and daughter, Analeigh.

First time ever getting my hearing examined. Ben put me completely at ease. He explained what he was doing and how it measured my hearing. I always feel better when i understand the process. He was great. Ms. Gwen was great at the front too. Very nice. Top notch operation.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Paul Rentz, on Google

Ben was amazing!! He took his time to explain how everything worked and demonstrated the functions so that we understood. He even gave us time to explore and experiment with the new hearing aid ourselves. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable. Overall and most importantly he treated us with respect,...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Britt Williams, on Google

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Ben Collins at Audibel Hearing Aid Center. He has guided me throughout my journey of wearing hearing aids. The entire staff is very professional and caring.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Donna Brooks, on Google

Ben Collins is the kind of person I like to work with. He answers al questions and shows you how to do it yourself.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Bill Jordan, on Google

Reviewer Profile Photo

Susan Spivey, on Google

The specialist (Mr. Collins) and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Takes the time needed to ensure you know everything you can about their hearing aid products. Has many options. He made removal and personal installing easy to understand. This office was so pleasant and accommodating we can't wait for the...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Patricia Williams, on Google

I have been coming to Audible Hearing Aid Center for a year now. The staff is always friendly and helpful getting me through my experience with my hearing loss. My hearing aids are cleaned regularly and adjusted to what level my hearing loss is at the time. I recommend getting...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Lynn Davis, on Google

Love, love, love Audibel in Douglas, GA. They have a great team of people who will spend as much time as you need and treat you like family! As for their products, I just got my second pair of hearing aids and the quality is amazing. I actually keep forgetting...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Tammy Harper, on Google

The staff at Audibel was amazing. I had put off going to get my hearing checked for a long time. I have been able to hear so much better. They took their time and explained everything. I would recommend them to anyone.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Jeff Yarberry, on Google

The most respectful outgoing people in Douglas

Reviewer Profile Photo

Steve Johnson, on Google

They treat u like family 👪

Reviewer Profile Photo

Shane Hamilton, on Google

Had a great experience with Wayne at Audibel. He described my hearing loss to me which made it easy to understand. Definitely recommend Audibel to anyone with concerns about their hearing.Truly made a difference in my life.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Ben Collins, on Google

Reviewer Profile Photo

Wesley Hardee, on Google

Good service, very nice, high dollar hearing aids, but worth it. The Dr explained all very well, very impressed..👍

Reviewer Profile Photo

Toni Grace, on Google

Great staff, very understanding and patient.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Michael Book, on Google

Excellent customer service. Follow up visits have all been great… I absolutely recommend Audibel to anyone with a hearing problem.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Elaine Mcloon, on Google

Very nice and helpful

Reviewer Profile Photo

Samantha Sheffield (SISSY), on Google

Awesome service, great people.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Nora Davis, on Google

Very informative and personal service.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Edward Coleman, on Google

These wonderful folks help God perform his miracles through technology.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Roy Farmer, on Google

So friendly and thorough

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Ray Charles Denning, on Google